I am a Senior Software Engineer at Zeta in the Web Platform and Experience team. Zeta is a unicorn that provides cloud-native credit and debit card processing and counts among its customers HDFC the largest private bank in India, Sodexo and expanding to US.

I interned at Flipkart in their Ads team. I was part of the team building the next generation of the ads app that brands use to manage their ads on the e-commerce site.

I graduated with a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati in 2020.

I enjoy problem solving using data structures and algorithms. I have participated in 49 contests in the largest online judge Codeforces achieving rating of 1852 (92.58th Percentile) under handle nk7. I secured Global Rank 3044 in Google Codejam 2020 out of 37k participants. See this repo with all my submissions and fast plug-n-play C++ implementations like max flow in weighted graph, bipartite matching and lazy segment tree.

Feel free to look at my CV!


I am part of the Web Platform and Experience team at Zeta. I work on creating and maintaining a scalable web development platform used by various product teams in Zeta to develop web applications with enhanced delivery speed without compromising on quality, security and UX consistency. We have 10 independent installations of the platform, serving a thousand unique urls combined, but have single digit pods in each.

I spent an year building Zeta's API docs platfrom from ground up. 116 microservices across the company have published OpenAPI specs from code. These are apis are mix and matched for different product lines like Tachyon, Fusion. Users can play with apis right from the browser.

I have been on-call for 18 weeks and have been recognised as an on-call hero by my Director. I have taken more than 100 problem solving interviews. I mentored and onboarded teammates as the team size quadrupled from 3 to 12 within a year. I have been promoted twice in 2.5 years since joining as a fresher.

2020 - Present
Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
2016 - 2020
Summer of 2019